Monday-Friday: Mornings devotions are held for all staff and Mexican volunteer workers from the local community and Colina kids when not in school. This is a great opportunity to start the day out in praise, as well as a way to reach our volunteers with the Gospel and for all to know and grow in Christ.


Thursday Night: A time for staff and children to get together to share in praising the Lord in song and in the Scriptures. Over the years many of the Colina kids have learned how to “play” musical instruments. The majority of them do quite well, others still need practice, but that doesn’t stop them from participating just the same. The service consists of song, praise, prayer requests and Bible study. The kids take turns in using drums and bongos during the song service.


Sunday Afternoon: After a trip to the store, it’s time for a church service. Jim or an invited guest speaker teaches after a time of song and praise. After the service, sometimes we have a question game. Our kids love competition, and have learned so much more from the teaching because they all want to pay attention in order to win! We have such a diversified age group we found this works well for us.


Tuesday's & Friday's: The youth get together twice a week at night for discipleship. They dig deep into the Word of God and enjoy fun activities.


Daily: The kids, in each dorm room, go through a Bible devotion book together.