1. Follow the I-15 South to the 805 FRW South, exit Bonita St./E St. exit right, turn right into Burger King-Mexican Insurance parking lot. This is the last stop before crossing the border. OR from the I-5, Instant Mexican Auto Insurance-223 Via De San Ysidro, San Ysidro, CA 92173- (619) 428-4714.
2. Reset your odometer at the San Ysidro Mexican Border gates! Shortly after crossing the Mexican Border Inspection, follow the road out and turn right at the first turnoff “Playas Tijuana/Ensenada” exit (.2 miles)- you will loop over the Tijuana River and then merge onto the highway. The border fence will soon be on your right. At approximately 2.2 miles you will begin to go up the hill.
3. At approximately 3.6 miles there is a sign for the turn-off to “Playas/Rosarito/Ensenada”, DO NOT TAKE THIS EXIT, continue going straight following the sign to Tecate.
4. At 10 miles from the border, take the turn-off on the right for “La Gloria/Santa Fe/Rosarito/Ensenada”
5. Stay in the right lane. In approximately 10.7 miles is the La Gloria off ramp. This off ramp will curve to the left as it takes you up and over the highway and into the town of La Gloria.
6. At approximately 12 miles turn left at the Chevron gas station (formerly PEMEX).
7. Proceed 0.5 miles just past the diagonal speed bump and turn right at the cement road.
8. Go a few blocks to where the roads interchange. From there, follow the cement road on the left up the hill and continue through the tract homes. Turn left at the end.
9. Enter the large white “Colina De Luz” archway. Welcome to our home!
• Please park on the gravel near the first pine tree on the left. Our office is to the left of the big planter; please make sure we know you’ve arrived.
• If there are several vehicles with you, continue past the buildings and park on the far side of the soccer field in front of the cement wall. We hope your visit is a blessed one.
• To return to the States, go back the way you came, following the return arrows on the map. Be careful of the highway traffic on you left as you merge.
USING GOOGLE MAPS GPS (We do not recommend Apple Maps)
Google maps will take you directly to Colina De Luz without a problem. Do note that if traffic is heavy it will take you a different way than this map shows. If you are in a caravan we recommend sticking to these directions as it has less stops and traffic lights. To use Google maps search for Colina De Luz and click on the result that has this address: Ignacio Ramírez, La Gloria, 22645 La Joya, B.C.
Revised 10/22/2018