Dear Missionary Applicant,


Thank you for considering serving as a Colina de Luz Missionary! If you would like to volunteer as a short or long-term missionary with Colina de Luz, you must complete and submit the Volunteer Christian Missionary Application. Click here to download the Application for being a long-term missionary (more than two weeks). Click here to download the application for being a short-term missionary (two weeks or less). Please feel free to contact us with any questions. As you look over the packet, I don't want to discourage you in any way, but need to present a realistic picture for you. Being a missionary at Colina de Luz will very likely mean: hard work, long hours, no pay and perhaps little recognition, praise or thanks. It may seem that you are expected to "walk on water". Your life will be carefully watched by many children and some adults around you, to see if you really are someone sent by the LORD. While you are here, you will probably go through trials and tribulations. You will find many times that working with children will be frustrating, tiring and disappointing. You may find that the other workers and missionaries are not always as spiritual as you may have expected them to be. You have to realize that living together with over one hundred sometimes tired people, who are working under the same challenging conditions, can sometimes catch us at less then our very best. If you wish to join us and are willing to serve wherever you are needed, then your help will be greatly welcomed. Our expectation is that you will be strong, cheerful and uplifting to the rest of those around you. Please assess yourself carefully: if this sounds overwhelming, then perhaps God is calling you to a different ministry. We understand that God has given a variety of gifts to his people - a blessing indeed! Regardless of your decision, we thank you for your consideration. If this does sound like the kind of challenge to which God is calling you, we welcome you with open arms. Your life and service will be a great blessing to all of us here.


In HIS service,

Jim Drake