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Who We Are

Colina de Luz, or “Hill of Light” in English, is a Christian orphanage and home for 50 orphans and non-orphaned children. Founded on July 4th, 1986, the three founders hearts were touched by God, and their mission was to take care of as many orphans and needy children as God would send their way.

We Educate

Colina de Luz offers all of its children a chance to attend school all the way through college or vocational school. We’re recognizing that they’ve already had a tough life, and so we want to do everything we can to ensure they can grow up to do anything they want.

We Guide

The spiritual growth of the children is just as important as anything else. We start the day in praise, do daily Bible devotions, go to church on Sunday, and offer evening events three times a week.

We Outreach

Whenever possible, Colina de Luz seeks to enrich the neighboring community’s churches and people in a variety of ways. By offering Bibles, sewing classes, Bible studies, food, work, and free medical and dental clinics, we’re doing our best to share God’s love and give Him the glory.

Read About The Journey

Jim Drake has written a book about how the orphanage got started, and what it stands for. You can read it for free in this PDF download: